Wednesday November 14, 2001

DirectConnect is the shit if you have a fast internet connection and you want to fill up your new 80 gig hard drive. It's a P2P app that's kind of like Hotline but it hasn't been overrun by 14 year old assholes trying to get you to click on their stupid banners. The network is fairly pristine. It's tricky software to use. You have to connect to "hubs" and then you can search everybody who's connected to your hub. It's filled with porn movies, mp3's, pirated applications and games. To get onto the big hubs you have to share more than 20 gigs of stuff. (there are ways to fill your HD with crap of course, and DirectConnect is one of them!)

The thing I like most about it, other than the fact that people behave, is that it was written by a local kid named Jon Hess and he's got the same altruistic hacker mentality that made the internet what it is.