Tuesday May 17, 2005

White Gold

The ring around my finger is made of white gold and the man who helped get it slipped on is writing under the White Gold brand. I helped him a little last December and pointed him towards Blogger and I come back and he's got a fully producing blog. I'm going Atom on that.
Expect the White Gold brand whenever you feel warm, bright, relaxed, beautiful, sophisticated, vulnerable, committed, loving, spiritual, real, direct, open, intuitive, sensual, uplifting, fulfilling and inspired mainstream culture.

Sunday May 1, 2005

Hate, lies and perverted racism

This made my day. I think it is in fact the first hate mail I've received about my website. It vaguely implies that the person has read something I wrote about India on my website but I have no idea what they've read. I looked up their IP and apparently, they sent this from Bryan, Texas. I've never been there but I'm sure there's the same mix of tolerant and ignorant folks as they have in India. I think this Mofo is definitely in the ignorant camp...

Subject: Hate, lies and perverted racism.
From: "matador little"
Date: Sun, 01 May 2005 21:37:32 +0000

You racist idiot,

Why the hell do you have to go all the way to India to put your racist ranting online??

Freaking idiot, understand this.... what you see there is a result of white christian liars and terrorists like you stealing other people's resources. Look around in your soceity and see what you can do to change it, you mass murderer of red indians!!!!

What is there to say about it? It's a perfect piece. If you're reading this, you probably like me more than this guy so I'm assuming you'd be on my side. (which I don't mean to imply is necessarily the side of "white christian liars and terrorists" although, I do admit to living in their midst) Anyhow, a blog isn't a place to defend yourself against an angry e-mail. I just wanted to post it because I was so proud of it. I'm sure a lot of people see my site and think this but never e-mail me. So this is my prized possession. Touché, little matador!