Friday November 2, 2001

This is a list of books that were allegedly written by one Kilgore Trout as compiled (with a plot synopsis for each) in the books Breakfast of Champions and Godbless You, Mr. Rosewater, which were definitely written by one Kurt Vonnegut. I place them here now because at one point, the wanton display of story ideas, dreamt up, attributed and then tossed away by Mr. Vonnegut was the primary reason I believed I would never be a writer. I may have had the ability to turn a phrase or two but without the ideas that apparently overflowed from a true writer's brain, I would never be more than an editor.

  • This Means You
  • Barring-gaffner of Bagnialto or This Year's Masterpiece
  • The Dancing Fool
  • Hail to the Chief
  • How You Doin'?
  • Now It Can Be Told
  • The Pan-Galactic Straw Boss; Alternate titles: Pan-Galactic Memory Bank, Mouth Crazy
  • Plague on Wheels
  • The Smart Bunny
  • The Son of Jimmy Valentine
  • 2BR02B
  • The First District Court of Thankyou
  • Oh Say Can You Smell?
  • The Pan-Galactic Three-Day Pass
  • Venus on the Half-shell

This information was culled from The Invisible Library, the link to which was culled from Textism.