Friday November 9, 2001

So, tonight I was making a web a photo gallery of some pictures of me and my girlfriend climbing Half Dome in Yosemite. They're definitely in the "vacation photos" category. I thought about putting a link to that page here on my blog and then I thought, "You can't put family photos up there. That's were your art goes."

See, I think I'm an artist. And I have a pretty stiff rule about separating out all those pictures that are just interesting to me and those that are interesting to other people. I mean strangers. That is a pretty good place to start if you're trying to figure out what art is if you ask me. So I said to myself, "Wait, what is your blog anyway? Just a place to throw up diary entries (here I go again) and the detritus of the CF slot on my digital camera?" NO. This isn't -- [it's all about's my favorite links!]. It may seem that way, and indeed, people may use it with the intent of getting more dave™ each day. But I think of it more like a visual documentary combined with an editorial column.

The two don't usually interact. They can, and it's nice when I essay about a photo or quicktime movie, or the visual stuff supports something I write, but I usually don't feel like writing something about a picture I took a year ago. I'm going to the effort of scanning it, that should be enough.

Ok, there you have the mission statement for the blog. Please send me your comments if you thought sucking packets off my server was gonna get you something else or if you thought you were looking at my family album. I'm curios to know.

Just as a side note, I'd like to get more fine art photography in the mix -- stuff with less narrative and overt subject matter. We'll see how that goes. One trick was to start shooting with toy cameras so I forget about things like focus and depth of field or being funny. -- The king of all flavors. Roll and rolls and rolls of life savers.