Monday November 12, 2001

News from (yes, I read computer gaming websites) is that SNK, the company that made all those NeoGeo arcade games has just gone out of business. They were shitty look-alike games, yes, but it's still sad to see them go.

If you like old video games you should check out MAME the multiple arcade machine emulator. You can play the actual ROMs of your old favorites on your computer. From the FAQ:

MAME can currently emulate over 1500 classic arcade video games from the '70s and '80s.

The ROM images that MAME utilizes are "dumped" from arcade games' original circuit-board ROM chips. MAME becomes the "hardware" for the games, taking the place of their original CPUs and support chips. Therefore, these games are NOT simulations, but the actual, original games that appeared in arcades.