Monday February 28, 2005

Did you know that I want to feed you?

The best feature of the new blog is the feed: XML that describes the structure and contains the message I'm sending. How convenient! Down on the lower left hand corner you can chose on the format you like best. I like Atom. If you don't how to deal with an XML feed or why you'd want to, well, I won't go deeply into that now. but basically, it turns a web blog (which is a thing where you have to go and get it), to a subscription (which is a thing that comes to you when it's ready). Here's a good intro to this stuff. If you use Firefox, it's got built in aggregation.

New style

Well, finishing the re-design of my site is definitely worth blogging. It only took me 2 years. I'm also moving web hosts to TextDrive. The new layout is mostly css dependent with only a few lingering tables. All the content and structure is the same, just changes the window dressing. I've also added a banner for each section. The images will rotate a couple times a week.

The next steps are to actually update the content. The photo page is a few years old and I have a lot of new photos.

Wednesday February 9, 2005

It's ON

This shit is back on. I've spent the last few days porting my blog to a new format and now I'm going to write in it.

Tonight I saw that movie about that woman who gave cameras to kids who were children of Calcutta prostitutes. I recommend it. Don't have anything to say about it right now. Probably won't later. Why write in the blog if one has nothing to say? Good question. Discuss amongst yourselves.

How's that for a standard blog entry.