Saturday March 19, 2005

The tube is out!

Terri Schiavo is lying in her bed dying right now. I'm rather happy for her. This is the third time the tube has been out. Every time it's been re-inserted by some last minute antics but this time I think it's going to stay out. What a saga this has been. I've been watching it for years actually. It's been an endless cycle of court orders and judges and press conferences and pleas. Just when you think the final death-sentence has come down her parents get some politician or judge somewhere to keep her body alive.

This is the super bowl of morality folks. It may seem stupid that the fight is over something that should be so clear and simple to decide with common sense, but this is the world we live in. A world we're forced to live in. It's a world where some senators thought they could 'make a difference' by subpoenaing a woman who has been a vegetable for 15 years to appear before congress. The move would have granted her protection as a witness in a congressional inquiry and forced them to keep her alive. Some serious entertainment can be had by reading the televised pleas and editorials of these 'right to lifers'. Three men have been arrested on trespassing charges after trying to storm the hospice this morning, carrying bread and water. Although Schiavo cannot eat or drink, supporters say the move had symbolic value.

voyeurs of the world, give something back!

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