Tuesday June 26, 2001

Playing stickball on Manrique Street, Havana.

I can't take it any more. Please click on the slideshow to the left. It's the best I can do. For 2 days I've worked on a version of it that never came to be. You see, I just wanted to do something simple like put a counter and maybe the title up there but the way the damn thing's implemented it's fucking impossible. It uses a function to flip the images and I can't get other details on the page to update as the image loads. I've tried document.write from within the function but that erases the page and all the objects it had initialized. FUCK.

All day I work on stupid ass shit like this. It's not like I have to. There are plenty of other things a guy could do. Nobody even uses the slideshow that I have now and it works ok for everything except Nutscrape 4.x.

Part of this fix was to get it to work in netscape by writing the img tag every time with h and w variables. Problem is I need to use PHP or something to do that. I keep thinking as I write this that I just write a function that runs in the onload event of the image that goes and gets another set of image attributes from an array I initialize at the page load. Yeah. Fuck. I know that won't work. I'm so sick of this.

Shit I gotta try something else. I'm blowing off scanning images and returning that Mr. Rogers t-shirt I ordered.