Friday June 15, 2001

Damn. What a busy evening. I missed a show at Southern Exposure "Anything goes as long as it fits in a container about the size of a shoebox" that I really wanted to go to. After a couple of hours at the hardware store I was just too loaded up with neat stuff to work on around my house. I built a contraption to hang my projector from an old piece of Victorian-era molding and then I set my new screen up and then I watched the Brazil DVD that I bought. Got wasted on a mongo vodka gimlet and passed out on my new couch half way through the director's commentary on the uncut original version. I love Discount Builders Supply. I even bought a cordless drill.

I'll always remember this as "one last shot at exploitation". We were racing around Havana about 1 hour from getting back on the boat and I was shooting in the Plaza de la Catedral and guess who Squash ran into! And guess what? They were thirsty! Squash was like, "You comin?" and I hesitated and futzed with my camera and before I knew it they were gone.

I didn't want to be a party to the party again but I chased after them anyhow. They were going to milk us for mojitos one more time but it occurred to me that I may never hear them play again.

That's Pedro -- Professor de Bongo, Paolo -- Mi Corazon, Squash -- Margarita, and Pedro's wife who's name I could never remember but who's kindness I'll never forget.