Friday June 1, 2001

If you go to ABC's World News Now website and click on the webcast (on from 11pm-1am pacific time) you can watch the RAW FEED. Which is pretty interesting given that this is already a pretty loose broadcast and you get only one camera and always get to watch the 'casters even when they go to commercial. It's awesome. All in a beautiful 300kbps Real stream. You can chat with the hosts also.

Tonight Liz Cho was all business (studying her notes instead of goofing off with the cue-card guy) because she was new and filling in for Alison Stewart who was on assignment. I'm sure she's very professional but she always does the obligatory "pick the papers up off the desk and tap them down" as if her broadcast vocabulary is limited to the moves they teach in journalism school. Just before a sports broadcast she started talking about a blooper on the business report: "And it's gonna be playing all day." And Derek, the veteran's advice: "You gotta let it go. You gotta let it go. Just say, Ok, that stunk, I'll do better tomorrow." I've always loved this show ever since Aaron Brown was plucked from my local station in Seattle to start WNN. I missed him dearly. I did. But the new show was stamped with his personality from the start. A direct, open, and witty newsman. They reported that he's leaving the show he started and going to CNN.

Be sure to hang in for the World News Polka at the end. I kept the stream running and so did they -- the camera, unmanned, staring off into the news room. It was 15 minutes before they threw up the color bars. It seems to be a newscast designed for voyeurs.