Tuesday October 22, 2002

One more Havana. Next to last shot I took there. I was in the square and setting up this picture when Squash and the musicians came by on their way to get some mojitos (again! for one last time!) and I said to wait but they didn't. That one kinda pissed me off 'cause it was only 30 seconds or something and they acted like they didn't need me if they had Squash but I sheepishly searched around for the bar they'd gone to and upon entering was immediately swept up into the "Chan Chan" one more time and laid it down for a round one more time and refused further payments for probably the first time (oh you can't imagine the frowns and dismay!) and got out of there feeling like we'd be squeezed for one last party by the locals. I was cool with them before that but that last time sorta turned things for me. I been squeezed by more locals than Squash I think. At the very point you're feeling great and people are being really nice to you, you have to distrust those people and I guess I have a talent for that. At least they're begging for a party.