Wednesday October 2, 2002

KPOO is the unity in the community.

LVD is with you mikeside at the Inside Lover's Lounge. Right now, at 2:30am, love is what it's all about.

After bustin' some Gill Scott Heron "Message to the Messengers" and some Stevie Wonder "Redemption Song" he came out with a shockingly beautiful sermon about how we get ourselves out of this mess. So much love in his deep deep scratchy voice. "We're beautiful. We are beautiful. And those that know owe...those that don't know."

"Here's what you do: The first thing you do in the morning is tell the first person you see that you love them. And mean it. It doesn't have to be about sex. Just human being to human being."

LVD is a treasure from midnight to 3am on Wednesdays. 89.5 FM. Those that know owe.

Don't be afraid.