Monday May 13, 2002

I just wanna say Jimmy Carter RULES!

He's in my beloved Havana this week kickin it and trying to calm things down between the governments of Cuba and the US. I don't usually get all excited about political stuff but I love Cuba and so should the US government. Forget all the rhetoric by Castro and Bush. I was all teary-eyed when I read about that sweet old grey-haired house-builder peanut farmer and his wife Rosalynn walking around in Old Havana. Plus, recently over 11 thousand people, faced with nasty dudes with AK47's hassling them night and day, signed a pettition calling for a national referendum on free speech, free assembly, political prisoners, private business ownership and democratic elections.

Aww, shucks. That's really nice. And brave. I hope they keep doing good stuff. Go World.

Here's Squash in a love-fest with our Cuban friends

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