Monday June 10, 2002

On my trip to the bullfights last Monday I was discussing cameras with Carlos (who posted his movies "Portuguese Bullfight" is the one to watch: and he said that they've got some super tiny little video cameras now and I said, not as good and small as my Sanyo VPC-SX550 and he said I should check it out. Well, that's what I did yesterday. I went looking on the net as I was too hung over to even stand up. I found something by Panasonic and then got really excited. It seemed that my prayers had been answered. I want a little vidcam that also plays MP3's. I don’t expect it to be a phone. Vidcam and MP3 player should go together. They're both audio and need to have some sort of removable storage. Kodak was the first one to try to do this with their MC3 but that one was too crappy. It's not that I don't like toy cameras. I love my pixelvision. It just sucked. Anyhow, I waited because I'm not so different than those geeks designing these things and they'll figure it out.

I found out that Sony's got some propreitary new mini tape format but that camera is still a pound. I need 5 ounces. Anything more and it messes up the line of my clothes! So, yesterday I found the Panasonic SV-AV10 (I'm glad they started with the number 10 because they're gonna need some room to grow) and I was about to buy it when I read what people said on CNET and decided I'd wait for different products. It really is perfect but the video is just too underpowered. It does about 350kb a second and that's half of what my Sanyo does. At 320x240 it limps along at about 10fps and that's just too jerky. Well, I'd possibly put up with that and the "artiness" it would enforce, but then I found out that because it's SD memory-based, you can't directly read and write the media in your computer. You have to go through the Real Jukebox shit they give you because of its "digital rights management". Well fuck that. I'd have to copy everything over a USB cable. No way. SD is cool and about as cheap as Flash but unless they let me have file system access to it or put it on a firewire connection I'll sick with my Sanyo. Oh, I also noticed that Xolox is back in business and they have 40x CDRs for a hundred bucks now so you can burn a CD in about 2 minutes. Damn. I guess I'm gonna have to get with it and start sucking music off the net again. Last night I found Lucinda Williams doing "Positively 4th Street" and it kills.

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