Sunday June 23, 2002

To all you motherfuckas who I give my stickers to and who peep my site and never send a word, fuck all y'all. I mean, I need some something. I know you like it because you tell me when you see me. But that could be never again, right? I have given over 500 stickers away over the last year and have only gotten any kind of anything from a couple of people. Y'all like 'em when I show 'em to you. You look at this shit and you can say 'no thanks' if you want and that's cool. But it makes me think they don't do any good except for the moment when I have you there lookin over them. Whaterver. I'm a fuckin whiner.

I love handin out stickers and I aint gonna stop.

Ok. That's all.

voyeurs of the world, give something back!

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