Friday June 14, 2002

I was going through my contacts tonight, sending a whole bunch of people an email about the squidsheet and I came across the contact "MOM". I think I left it in there for sentimental reasons before, but this time I took one last look at the old girl's email address (she barely broke it in, to be truthful) and the phone number at her condo and deleted her. I was about to go about my work when I thought to myself, "That's fucked up when you have to delete your own mother out of your contacts list." It's so sad when people die. Everything that was associated with them crumbles. Just take a look around the room and think of all the things you've collected or made that are important to you and when you die, most of them won't mean shit to anyone and they'll just chuck 'em out. That should tell you that your attention is what's important.

"Life is long, and it's tremendous. And we're glad, that you're here with us. And since we know, and end will come, it makes our livin fun."

Man, seems like I still think about her every day. It's like, she mourned her baby that died way back in 1946 and she told me she thought about her every day and now it's like I have that also.

voyeurs of the world, give something back!

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