Sticking With Strict Chronological Order, Here It Is

11:23 AM Wednesday, December 8, 1999

the queens necklace   18650 bytes

I remember the day when my father died. It's so-mo. There's only 2 days like that in your life. At least today I'm not sick and tired. I'm in a cab on the way down to Indian Airlines. Gonna see what they can do. Marine Drive. It's so nice out today. I can see the airline building in the haze covering the Queen's Necklace right now. The 123 bus goes this way, I'll have to remember that.

You know what's really weird? Looking at yourself in the mirror on the day a parent dies. That's weird. I did it when I brushed my teeth and again when I slammed the gate on the on the elevator. Weird may seem like a shallow emotion but it's the most complex, deep thing I can feel. It's my word for all the things that priests and philosopher's talk about. I've consumed my fair share of priests and philosopher's talk. Enough to make me think I have some right to regurgitate it to you. But if I do my job as a "writer" well enough, you'll never even notice it and I'll be warping your minds and loving you with such force you'll swear you saw it in a movie somewhere.