time: Limbo over the Pacific. (7 pm Thursday 21st of Oct)

Yabba dabba do. I hadn't even unpacked my complimentary headphones when the promotional duty-free ads ended and two magnificent women paraded out on to the stage and started moving their lips. They were soo beautiful, one blond and one brunette. And they where dressed in satin jumpsuits and gauchos. they would point a nod at each other when they sung a line and I knew they were singing my song and then the camera panned back and there was a guy playing an acoustic guitar and for some inexplicable, but wonderful reason, he was dressed like Ace Freehley. Wait a minute; I think they're all gay spacerockers! I tore the plastic off my headphones and tried to get the individually hygienically wrapped ear pads installed but they flew under the guy sitting next to me so I just slapped the hard plastic phones on and what a huge warm sound. It was ABBA. My god. It didn't let up for another hour or so. A full length ABBA documentary on a 747. I was in heaven of course. I had no idea that they had 19 consecutive top ten hits! Wow. See what happens to you when you get out?

they're showing "Wild Wild West" now and I’m skipping it. Just like all the other people who got up after "Big Daddy" (which had amazing cross-cultural reach) and went pee and who are up in the aisles kickin' it. I’m in the smooth front end of the cabin. The whole thing's lit up by a tiny crack in a window shade. 'Ere’s some powerful sunlight up here. The back of the plane is sleeping. I wonder how that happened. Maybe the first dark bulkhead started a chain reaction towards the back.


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