It's Just Like Not Being There

This is the final resting place for a journal I spammed to all my friends while I lived in India. It starts at 2:00 pm, Thursday, October 21st, 1999 and ends at 11:37 PM Sunday, April 30th, 2000. 

58 entries. 140 photos. 8 movies.

I found out after the last exercise they're called 'travelogues' which is French or something for travel logs. I've heard that everyone loves a log but these are no logs. I never planned to record everything. I don't know if you could call it traveling. I do know that it's just like not being there.

The intent has always been to dish real-time info. That's the arrangement. And thanks to my purple and gray Sony PCG-Z505SX laptop with the triple capacity battery, the news is fresh, with a 48hr max lag time. When I don't have access to my laptop, I write with a PEN. Oh my gosh!.

Know this: that my favorite writer, even after an expensive liberal arts university education, is a sub $10 restaurant reviewer for a San Francisco weekly paper. Still, I'll gladly share my journal writing with you if you don't raise a stink.

Finally, this from Primco's General Counsel, Eben Carlson: "Go on! By all means go on! Don't even say that you won't go on. The one thing I've learned from writing is that they're a) maybe not going to read it, b) maybe not going to pay attention, c) probably not going to feel it, d) definitely not going to do anything different, and e) never going to go into what they didn't like about it. It's the perfect form because those who don't want to hear just hang up. Nice and intimate but easy to say no thanks. They see the love, I see the love! - as just how much and that you wrote! The love is in the writing and distributing, not that what you say might implicate us. We are great at excusing us from your equations, don't worry."

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