Ah, Bed. "With Two Mattresses, Please."

6:17 AM Sunday, February 13, 2000

Six o'clock in the mornin, way past the days of yes-y'allin

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If that rooster crows one more time....ok....he's gonna crow again. But until then, lemme just say that I had a great day today. I don't wanna brag and boast,...but being in Bombay is like butterin' your toast. Let me crawl back through the haze...way, back, to earlier today. (the rooster woke up the newborn downstairs. You know, how newborns cry real fast, cause they take real small newborn breaths?) So earlier today, I had my usual Gujerati lunch, did a few poses in the full-length mirror, and grabbed my guitar and went down town. I played that guitar and sang in front of the biggest crowd I've ever sang in front of. Good thing big crowds have bright lights shining out of them so you can't see it all. Anyhow, I played and sang and that was fun and then I went with Ami to the party at Superna's house. That must've been the fanciest party I've ever been too. There was just too much party for one person. There was enough party for a hundred people. Superna's the new editor of Elle (yay Superna) and this party had sooo many foxy women. It was my job to play paparazzi again. Paparazzi are in essence fashion hounds. At one point, Anaita, the fashion editor said, "I want knee-length skits and wedge heels." And it was my job to get it. Then Ami said, "Black, that's the color. I want everybody in black." It was my job to get it. Ami helped me out though, I gave her my fashionable little shooter, the Ricoh GR1s and she helped me burn through the rolls.

So it's six o'clock in the morning. When you come home this late, you get the day nurse, not the night nurse at the door. I don't have the strength to go on. The party? I know it's going to be tough going back to the states and having to get up and go to the fridge to get a Budweiser instead of having a dude in a white coat and black bow-tie come around every 30 seconds with different varieties of mixed drinks sitting on a silver platter. And it's gonna be hard not having 37 different styles of spaghetti strap black pumps to adore. And I know it's gonna be tough not strutting around like a globe-trotting artiste' renaissance mystery man. (yes, I needed the spellchecker to get "renaissance" right). But I'll be back in the U.S of A. And I'll have channel Four, with Pam Moore, and fried cebollitas (onions) from Taqueria Cancun and those cracks in the concrete that I know so well, and my bed. Ah. Bed.