exists as an entry point to my art and the random things that orbit around me. i put stuff on the net that i'm proud of and i think you'll enjoy.



primco is:
David Primmer
Brisbane, CA

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ferris wheel on fire - Current weblog.
hit the groun runnin - A weblog of 2001-2005.
It's Just Like Not Being There -- flowin' from Bombay circa '00
"I don't wanna brag and boast,...but being in Bombay is like butterin' your toast."
November -- my travels through India and Thailand in '98
"Everybody is in the most amazing poses: folded and layered bodies, legs sticking out, husbands tenderly caring for their wives (for a change)."
Photography -- Various galleries: India and so on. Over 300 photos.
Videos -- Same deal as the photography. Watch.
Other writing
The T hree Manifesto -- by Eben H. Carlson: droppin bombs
"The "metaphor" we slice this sucker with is the sell out, which is exactly why we’re so rich (yes, you’re rich) and why we’re so impoverished (yes, you are impoverished)."
The Greatest Night of My Life -- by a young tomato picker
"I was only 13 but I knew that Diane was putting on makeup badly. Red stripes on her cheeks, blue streaks on her eyelids, lip-gloss and curling-iron curls of bleached-white hair framing her puffy red face. Diane was the ugliest woman I'd ever seen and she was even stupider than she was ugly. "