In de pendence day

Mmy clock says it's 10:52 my time on Thursday. Oct 21.

pushkar kids at sunset   17740 bytes

I’ve been sittin next to my plane buddy for at least 7 hours now and we haven't said a word except for the necessary grunt now and then. I don't know whether it's bad or good. I know that as soon as I get to India, I will not be allowed to sit by myself in peace for any extended period of time. I almost thought we were being lame for not exchanging pleasantries but then I thought about India. I think I can goove on "independence" for a while.

We can have it any way. Burger King.

I’d like to quote from the three manifesto for a moment:

"Chapter T hreee - Fly, bee, free Strawberry Letter 23
We may not be biologically built for freedom, with our brainy muscles screaming at our timid hearts for comfort and order. Winning at evolution, which we have done, could be like a goldfish winning a jumping contest. There are sad indications - in places where humans have liberated monkeys from the struggle of natural selection by providing ample delicious food (garbage dumps) they get mean, dirty, and lazy. Luckily, people are smart, cause I'm definitely not going out like some dirty-assed monkey."