Angeles, Take Two

2:00 pm, Thrusday 10-21-99

Check the heavy stuff. Just had my sushi lunch and I'm golden. It's much easier getting around this time. I checked the heavy stuff. Getting to the other side of the planet is a long and lonely ride and I'm just getting started but it all seems easier than the past month spent de-commissioning my life in SF. Putting my voice on auto-reply and accounts on auto electronic-funds-transfer and getting that last Beck's and quesadilla suiza.

Me. The Traveling Cyborg   14871 bytes

Batteries gettin juiced up beyond belief right now, plugged into the spare socket, typing in a deserted LAX international boarding gate. Made sure I took the self portrait. What the hell am I doing? I mean, what the hell? ok, too tired to think about that. Besides, two little kids are peeking around a kiosk about 4 feet from me, staring and trying to figure out what this traveling cyborg is doing. They aren't askin so maybe I don't need to explain it.

These business people next to me were talking the whole way down here from SF. This one guy had diarrhea of the mouth. I tried not to listen but my QuickTime video of Elliott Smith kept crashing my laptop and I'd catch snippets. After an hour I still didn't know what either of them did -- except talk that is. If we can leverage the opportunities in that sector, I'd like to think we'd have a shot at turning this thing around." I can't even mock this guy. He was too evil. Business people: keep it real. Just cause you're not pounding nails or grinding rails doesn't mean you can't use English to express yourself while you're moving the air around. Looking back on work since I quit, I remember thinking I was fully kicking ass at my job at exactly the point that I sounded like they do. My ability to abstract everything, to have my mouth going when I was thinking something else, to always relate the present to a situation that I'd seen before, to continue to reason, plan and execute when the emotional situations were way out of control. Signs of sickness or strength?

Did I tell you to get noise-canceling headphones the last time we talked? ok, so it doesn't come up in conversation much, but there's just so much noise. I can see the future zenith of consumerism right now. Instead of "more stuff" we'll just have "filters" eliminate all the things we don't want in our already otherwise perfect life. Look, we've already taken care of filtering and packaging the water. (perfect except for that annoying whiff of plastic that you get when you tilt the bottle up to your lips) next, HDTV will get the static out of our visuals and then we'll have quality filtered air and sound.

I'm doing good for not sleeping last night. The next "leg" is 19 hours long and the sun never sets.

d you later.