Friday October 18, 2002

I just got a monitor Spyder so I'm gonna start scanning more. This here's some house in the Glen Park area -- or whatever that's called on West Portal where you're above the sunset district.

Went to see Enon tonight and the band before them called The Helio Sequence was "fuckin hella tight" as one drunk-ass dude said as we was sharing a cig and I didn't know it at the time but they were better than Enon. Guess they're just kids. The kids stomp on shitloads of pedals and chew the air and dance while they shred and wear little faded t-shirts. The kids rock.

I, however, am an OLD MAN and as I came home from the show at the Bottom of the Hill (probably the 300th show I've seen there) I wondered if that's what it's going to be like being old or if it's going to get worse. Actually I know it's going to get worse but I wonder how. Are all the youthful things (flirting with cute, trendy girls, smoking on the sidewalk, standing with a pint glass resting on my belly in a bar by myself) that are close and familiar, going to turn into distant, alienating situations to be avoided? My friend John Freeman knows about that stuff. I tried to channel him tonight and just enjoy myself. I suppose it worked alright. I guess standing in the Bottom of the Hill just feels stupid because it is. I'll be back there next week for the Mountain Goats.