Wednesday March 2, 2005

cataracta complicata

There is no way to explain eye surgery. In some ways, especially if you're a sensitive bugger like me, it's easier than putting a contact lens in. You're drugged and locked down and numbed. in other ways, it's kind of horrifying. You have to watch it all and you are in charge of holding your eyeball still by looking at a light. I had my first taste of what it's like when I got a steroid injection in my eyeball. But that was really nothing. Yesterday I got a cataract extraction and lens replacement in my right eye as a result of my (in case you didn't know) cronic uveitis.

I'm now officially a cyborg. Part man, part plastic.

My vision in my right eye is 20/25 today. It may fluctuate a little bit as I get used to the lens but things are looking good.

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