Tuesday August 12, 2003

So as I'm walking across Valencia here at 18th this morning at 1am, there's this white guy in a black hoodie perched on top of the garbage can. I guess waiting for the 26 -- like that's ever gonna come. That creeped me out but I didn't know how much it creeped me out till I saw this stroller abandoned next to the chain link fence of the used car lot. It was a cheapo but still, an abandoned stroller is weird. What user of a stroller abandons such a device. None I tell you. Creepy. So I keep walking it occurs to me that I was thinking those creepy thoughts and that I identified that particular sight as maybe being the first time I'd ever seen it and as I get to the corner of Lapidge and 18th I see another abandoned stroller by the garbage can on the corner by the Women's Building. Not next to the garbage can in a proximity garbage kind of way but right in the middle of the sidewalk. I looked back to make sure that I'd just seen an abandoned stroller 40 feet ago and to check and see if they were the same kind. Like maybe they were giving them away at the Women's Building - like if it was stroller night - like hat night or bat night at the Giants game and the fans decided that the souvenirs were low grade crap and ditched them on their way home. They were both cheap but I think they were different. As I unkeyed my gate I knew I would write this and I knew I could go in and get my digital camera and shoot it up nice for my blog and prove to people just how creepy it was but shit, I'm lazy.

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