Friday August 8, 2003

I got a letter yesterday from Thomas P John:

Dear Dave, Listening to the file , I couldn't help but send you the english translation. Here it is:

<music> The Kerala State Kairali Weekly Lottery draw [which is due] every Thursday is [taking place] tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow... 10 Lakh (1 Million) Rupees first prize <music> Maruti car as second prize tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow ... almost sold out, almost sold out, almost sold out... Only few lottery tickets are left <music> tomorrow's kerala [lottery], tomorrow's kerala, tomorrow's kerala, tomorrow's kerala, tomorrow's kerala ... almost sold out, almost sold out, almost sold out... come fast, come fast... Kerala state Kairali weekly five rupee lottery draw [is] tomorrow 1 Million rupees first prize <music> Maruti car second prize <music> <name unclear> agency's tickets are now available for you, buy now and buy from here. Where there are tickets from <name unclear> agency, there is luck and prizes

<...> Comments, Background music
[...] Not present in original text. Aids comprehension in English
(...) Explanation of terms

It is not a radio broadcast. But a recorded promotion (+ jingle ;-) from a Lottery vendor's tape recorder + battery + loud speaker combination.

voyeurs of the world, give something back!

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