Friday February 15, 2002

I’m writing this from Word and publishing it in my blog because after looking at all the xml editing tools on the market, they all suck, except maybe XmetaL (but it costs too much). I mean I installed them all. From funky Python-based summer-school projects to the enterprise-class document repository engines.

So I found a little proggie that reads .doc or .rtf and converts to xml or xhtml. It even writes schemas and dtd’s. upCast is its name and it’s what I’m going to use to generate xml in my blog. Words just knows how to let me type as fast as I want, and I like that. I also know how to make it save the current date, time and do things like increment the blog Entry ID. So I use word to create the entries, export some rather nice xml (unlike native word xml), and boo-ya, it starts the long journey though my custom crunching and smoshing and codifying to end up on