Thursday February 7, 2002

Kids, I got a new batch of stickers coming. I think everybody's gonna want to collect them. But, NEW THIS TIME is the iron on. Wearable photography. A more limited edition of course, these little babies don't have the "" watermark on them. They're ready for adornment and adorement. 15 different kinds, among them are the good old Taipei Boarding Gate and some new ones like Truck Behind (hey, I like that name). I'll be passing them out over drinks in the near future.

The Lomo lab has photo clothes but you don't get to add your own photos to them. Get yourself Epson Iron-On Cool Peel Transfer paper and you can do it yourself. They look really good. Also, the program Qimage Pro is really good for making stickers. It is really smart about laying out multiple images on a page. Very handy software.

I'm thinking about selling them. I could make a little online sticker and iron-on store. You pick the ones you want, and send an order. You put the dough in my paypal account and I mail you the goods. I could charge 3 or 4 bucks a page.

I just tried to do all the thumbnailing and programming to make an online sticker store and gave up after 3 hours. Maybe I'll make it an XSLT project later.

I now have 112 unique stickers. The stack is about 1 inch high. I've added about 40 to the mix since last fall. Mostly ones from my photoblog of last summer. I'd estimate that will start ruling the universe, in its entirety, in a couple of months.