Tuesday October 23, 2001

Here's a vid of Marcie grabbing the cable. I thought the last part of the climb would be a piece of cake but I guess this late in the season they take down the poles that hold up the cables and remove the 2x4 steps from the rocks. Nothing but bare cable laying against the rock and they were heavy to lift. You had to slide your knuckles under them most of the time.

This is 8,900 feet in the air. You get pretty squirrelly when you exert yourself at that altitude. Marcie was scared shitless but she'd probably get upset with me if I said that on my website. Still, she powered up it and we were the only ones at the top as the sun went behind some clouds on the horizon. Sunset was 10 minutes away and as I look back, it was pretty stupid of us to try for the top because if our flashlights hadn't worked we'd be stuck 3 miles from camp with a big black moonless forest to crawl through. It woulda got ugly I'm sure.

Grabbing the Cable

:52 seconds
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