Wednesday August 1, 2001

What a great couple of days. Community wise, I'm pretty stoked.

I was skating around trying to remember where I parked my car and Deborah walked past and mentioned that Lynn Rapoport had written about some fun I had on the corner with my friend Dave last winter. I was out of town when she wrote it and I missed it but I got to go back and see how I had an effect on my neighbors. I was very flattered and it was a great bonus, especially after we made 18 bucks in 2 hours. (Oh, and it was a twelve-pack we was drinkin', not a six-pack.)

I talked to Deborah on the sidewalk and missed my opportunity to get to UPS before 7 and pickup my Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood t-shirt. But today, I reparked Amy's car 'cause she's hurt and used it to get my t-shirt.

If a new t-shirt from my favorite show wasn't enough, it got better. I'm writing this while listening to an archived RealAudio interview with Scott Beale of Laughing Squid on the RadioSegue show. It's a fitting background because Heather Nicole, the interviewer, bought a photograph that I had on display at our local coffee shop. If you're interested in local art I think you should sign up for the SquidList. I think you should also check out the RadioSegue Audio Archives. I gotta give props to Heather for buying my art and for introducing me to RadioSegue. I didn't know about it before, but it's a cool show.

Whoops. That stream broke. Guess I'll listen to Mates of State. Go San Francisco!