Thursday February 27, 2003

Wouldn't it be beautiful to have that special surprise? Like when you open your fridge and you don't expect anything to be in there, 'cause you're always opening your fridge, but there's a big dessert sitting on a plate and it's midnight and you were like, "Shit, where'd that come from. Shit I could eat it." It will all come to us. I've gotten over the disappointment of that dessert not being in my fridge but there will be some there for all of us. If we remember to love and not expect nothing sittin in the fridge that's special waiting for us when we come home then it will happen. Smile when it probably doesn't matter if you smile or not. Be creative. Make it up and beat the other person to it. Make that dessert in the fridge thing happen for somebody else and you'll get the joy of knowing that it happened to someone else and (now don't think about it) the chances are that somebody will be reminded how good desserts taste and they'll scheme how they can do that same special surprise on you.