Saturday September 7, 2002

People keep asking me if I took any pictures at burning man. I had forgotten that I did. This is the toilets at 135 and mainmast. Except a loving photo of my minivan, and a digital photo of my sunburned back so I could see where to put on sunscreen, it's the only photo I took.

After looking at my friend Dave's really nice pictures of burning man I questioned my disinterest in taking photos at burning man. I don't give a shit about photography at burning man, but why not? Well, I generally don't think there is anything interesting there and worthy of a photo. I tell people, yeah, there's lots of crazy shit going on but there's also tons of photographers running around capturing it. Why do I need to do it also? But then I saw all the cool photos that Dave took and I realized that it wasn't that I didn't want to take pictures of burning man, its that I like to take pictures of things that aren't usually in photographs. My beloved subjects are the ignored and the mundane that for some reason are spectacular to me. So in a festival where everything is screaming for attention and painted up like a gaudy whore, I see no photos.