Friday October 19, 2001

I visited Eben in Oakland today (hmm, that's funny, 'cause he lives in Seattle) and rode the BART home.

I saw the most beautiful thing I'd seen all week last night driving home from Yosemite. I'd climbed Half-Dome and gazed upon a sky-filling sunset at the top, but fuck that shit. I was driving north on some stretch of 880 or something and a BART train came up on the right at about 60mph lit up and looking like a space station cornering on a ribbon of concrete. As I was watching, awestruck, it moved toward the highway indicating that it was going to cross above me toward the west. I sensed the point that we would meet and I would go under but then another train came and swallowed it whole going 60mph in the other direction. You remember that ride at the carnival that was second only to the Zipper in its ability to make you puke that had two pods that twisted and swung around on arms pendulum-style? That's the way it looked. That was causing my balls to shoot up into my neck but I held the wheel steady and looked behind me to see the train again moving toward the west and then the eastbound train shot out of its ass and darkness spread.

I made videos out the window of the train going through West Oakland in the late evening sun in commemoration of last night. I have to go to an art opening of some Polaroid artists right now but I'll work on the vids and post them.