Turkey? Yeah....Some Day

Noon Thursday, November 26, 1998

kho samet beach   12996 bytes

Happy Thanksgiving you Americans. Well, my desire to write has ended. As has the majority of the excitement. I'm in vacationland -- Kho Samet, Thailand. Hang in there with me though. Sitting on top of another boat. There's people fishing with plastic water bottles and I'm listening to salsa music. There's a woman with huge breasts sunbathing nude next to me. Maybe I should give some travel-like details. There is a little island here where you pick your bungalow, sit at the beach, eat BBQ seafood and such and watch movies outside. I rented a motorcycle and rode it, went on a boat, fished, snorkeled, sunbathed, yadda yadda...

Let's see, just to recap: while I was in Bangkok I met a Thai girl but things weren't as clean as I made them seem. She got all "I love you forever" on me immediately. I'm only writing about this usually rather private matter because now that I look back on it, I don't think it was all that sincere. She said she'd wait for me to come back and never love anyone else. I should have left immediately when, after only a few hours together, she said she was going to figure out if I was a "good person" and if so, was going to "love me". Which, in Thai, means sex and at least a long-term relationship. She was 22 and I tried but couldn't explain to her that I didn't love her. She said, "You think bad things about me." I said "No", and she said, "Then why not love me?"

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I'm not telling you this so you can laugh at her. I don't think it was that funny. These were honest-to-goodness culture clash problems. I thought she was pretty cool at first, she works for Polygram, (we met when she sent her business card over to Noah's and my table). With her as a guide I saw my first Bangkok disco action where I think I ticked off some oh-so demure Thai clubbers. (In the more upscale places, I guess body contact is frowned upon). I thought she might have some taste and I'd get to see some neat stuff.

She was so beautiful. I loved looking at her. We hung out. After the second day of shopping and so on, I go to her apt, a cube in a high rise, ugly, nondescript, lame -- she was into all things cheap and pop about Asia. Sorry. She throws in the Ricky Martin tape for me -- this guy who sings sappy pop songs in Spanish. Ugh.

"In 'General Hospital' he portrayed Miguel Morez, an orderly-turned-bartender who indulges his passion as a weekend singer. "He's passionate towards everything - music, school, friends - and he hates injustice", says Martin, whose detailed character rises above the stereotypical Puerto Rican of television past. "

I looked at her pictures: every single one was some person standing rigidly in front of some tourist attraction (usually her). Ok, what should I expect? Still, the drone life is not for me. I bought her some expensive clothes. It took me about 3 hours to leave her -- or more. She was crying and trying to make me guilty. It worked a little. The last time this happened to me, in college I gave a Japanese girl my old Spanish book and she thought it was such a touching gesture that she proceeded to stalk me and tell people we were married.