Thursday July 18, 2002

primco: i'm supposed to come up with a word for "lovingly sarcastic" today. that's what jennifer charged me with. can you help? is there such a word?
primco: master of english?
rosegabaeff: Lovingly sarcastic.
rosegabaeff: ? hmmmm.
rosegabaeff: let me think about it.
primco: wouldn't it be handy?
primco: then you could type it as a way to clarify your email
rosegabaeff: yeah-
primco: email is always somehow crippled because it can't be lovingly sarcastic
rosegabaeff: there is always tone slips in email- especially in regards to loving sarcasm.

Tuesday July 16, 2002

There are so many stairwells to take pictures of in chinatown. With a 4x5 view camera you can get the entire set of stairs to line up along the focus plane. You can also mess with how the lines of perspective converge. I can't do any of that but I'd like to learn.