This page is dedicated to my show which was dedicated to my mom. It lived for only one week. This page is a joke if you didn't get it. The owners didn't think the show was funny (and rightly so, because it wasn't) so I took them down and gave them to Rose.


David Primmer

I took these photographs after returning home to Renton, Washington to bury my mother. These are pictures of our house and backyard. My mother had a compulsive disorder that wouldn't allow her to throw things away. Funny, ‘cause she was actually a professional house cleaner.

My mother died of an aneurysm and a hemorrhage in her brain. I'm guessing a subarachnoid hemorrhage. That's when the walls of your blood vessels get too thin and they burst and you bleed all over your brain. Apparently it's like getting a really bad headache and then passing out.

My sister Dani went over to her condo when she didn't show up for work and found her lying on the floor. That's the thing that makes me really, really sad, over and over. I can picture the shag rug and the piles of newspapers and stupid junk she bought at the drugstore all around her. My mom had white hair and she was really short. She wore those "slacks" that you get for $4.99 in the back of the National Enquirer. I don't know the details but I want to know exactly how she was laying and where. 'Cause it matters, ya know -- dignity wise. Although, my mother never was one to be very dignified. She was always trying desperately to hold onto her dignity - fighting, one might say. I guess the only people who do that have already lost it.

This art will sit here for the month of April

It’s for sale.

250 bucks a piece.